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Are You an “Eagle” or a “Chicken”?


I once read an interesting story about a farmer who found a young eagle that had fallen out of its nest. Feeling sorry for the injured bird, he brought it home and left it in the barnyard together with his chickens. It did not take long for the king of the birds to regain strength and grow. But confined to the barnyard, it had adopted the behaviors and eating habits of the chickens. An environmentalist passed by the farm one day and, noticing the majestic bird, asked the farmer what the eagle was doing among the chickens. The farmer replied that the eagle had never learned how to fly. It had been surrounded by chickens, eaten like a chicken and behaved like a chicken and was therefore no longer an eagle. “But its true identity is still that of an eagle,” said the environmentalist, “and it can be taught how to fly.” He took the bird in his hands, raised it toward the sky and said, “You belong to the sky. Spread your wings and fly.” The eagle looked around, and seeing the chickens eating their food, jumped down and joined them. Not giving up easily, the environmentalist brought the bird up with him on the farmhouse rooftop, held it high and told it, “You are not a chicken. You’re an eagle. Spread your wings and fly.” But the eagle, fearful and unaware of its identity and potential, jumped down once again and joined the chickens. Finally, the environmentalist brought the eagle to a mountain. Holding the bird up above his head, he urged, “You’re an eagle! Spread your wings and fly.” The eagle looked around in search of the barnyard, but then caught a glimpse of the sun peeking through the clouds. With eyes firmly fixed on the sun […]