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"Who Forgives First?" Who Forgives First

Have you ever been told in church that "you need to forgive others first in order to be forgiven by God?" It was then suggested that if you are unable to forgive others, you would not be forgiven by God.

Of course, that was true under the old covenant where we had to initiate a relationship with God. Insisting on becoming like "god" by our own efforts, Jesus told those under the law that they had to forgive those that committed even the slightest offense against them. Unless they were able to forgive others for their wrong, they could not expect God to forgive them.

Jesus knew no one could really forgive all wrongs by their own ability. But He had to make them spiritually blind. He had to give them knowledge of their condition under sin and death. Only if they realized their own utter inability to be righteous through obedience to the law would they be willing to receive the grace of God.

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