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A New Look on Healing

Your health is important. Not just to you, but to God. Your health is so important that everything you need for perfect health and healing has already been provided through Christ…by His stripes we were healed.

So asking, begging, interceding for God to give us something that has already been given seems a bit foolish. But yet, that’s how most of us approach God when sick and in need. Reading posts and messages on Facebook, I’m struck by how often I’m asked to join a prayer group, or pray for someone that is critically ill. And yes, it seems like the right thing to do.

If more people prayed, then it’s only logical to assume that God is more likely respond - to follow through on His promised gift of healing... Or if more people joined their faith together, God would see our faith more clearly and respond – to follow through on His promised gift of healing... Or if more people fought the attacks of the enemy, then the enemy would not be able to hinder the promised gift of healing from reaching us...

But is this really God? What about if I don’t get healed? Who’s at fault? Whose prayers were not good enough…persistent enough…or loud enough? Who lacked the faith? Me…or were there not enough people who had faith?

Or could it be that it isn’t God’s will for me to be healed? And if so, why me? What’s wrong with me? Worst of all, did the "oh so" powerful devil hinder the healing? You know, that healing God has already given to us through Christ.

Forgive me if I come across somewhat sarcastic, but there is a point there. I promise. There has to be something more to healing, for such logic seems contradictory and irrational.

If God still decides and picks those who should get healed, or not healed based on how well we perform, or on how many of us perform together, then He could not really claim that we were healed through Christ. If Satan has that much power to hinder people from being healed that we have to join forces together to tear down His power, then what Christ did is really not as good as what the Bible claims.

So what is the answer? Why does the Bible say that we were healed when there are so many people, even believing Christians, still suffering sickness? How can we experience this wonderful gift of healing that has already been given? For the next three days, I want share three basic principles about healing that helped me experience healing in my own life.

So first things first...Principle 1 - The Love of God is the source of all health.

God is love. And He created us in His likeness and image. We were created to be an expression of His love, and to manifest that love to others. We were designed to function through this awareness of His love for us.

Before that fateful day when Adam and Eve sinned, humanity was enjoying perfect health. Their bodies were working at optimal health. They functioned according to God’s design. Created in God’s image of love, health was all they knew.

When Jesus healed the sick, He was expressing the very heart of God. He had compassion on the sick and oppressed. Healing flowed because the love that He is poured from Him.

When I suffered from cluster headaches (the worst human pain known to medical science), it was after pondering and meditating on the love of Christ that I was miraculously healed. When my heart became aware of this indescribable love, all pain instantly disappeared.

Medical science now confirms the healing power of love. In a recent report on ABC News, doctors spoke of how the love from family to a critically ill person drastically increases the rate of survival and recovery.

Of course, the only way we can truly understand the love of God is through Jesus. This is how God showed his love…He sent his one and only Son into the world (1Jn 4:9) Jesus revealed and manifested God to us. He showed us God’s true nature.

That’s why Isaiah declared that by His stripes we are healed. The stripes that Jesus endured testify to God’s unconditional love for us. When the stripes of Jesus are real in your heart, then healing is the natural by-product.

God wants His love to be so real to you and your loved ones that every sickness melts away. No matter what you or a loved one may be facing, healing manifests itself through an awareness of the love of Christ.

Check out my next blog. I discuss the surprising root cause of every sickness that even medical science confirms.


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